What Else?

triple C Clout

Can I just say- there is nothing wrong with wanting fame, attention, eyes on your work. If that is what you want, you know what that entails. So, you must really want it. As a writer, I don’t want fame per se, but it would be nice if more than 30 people read my blog. Wanting to be seen, heard, recognized- these are all very human traits. But, there is a way of going about those goals without losing yourself and disrespecting the people around you.

I see a difference between social climbers and “clout chasers.” To me, social climbers are people who have a niche for elitism. Clout chasers are a byproduct of the digital age, people who seek attention, possibly even fame. Clout chasers, like social climbers, need other people to achieve their goal. They latch onto whomever they think will get them to the next person who will get them to the next person who will introduce them to Ariana Grande and somehow that’ll make them have reached “success.”  There seems to be a disconnect from the reality of what people believe networking/connections are? 

 It’s odd because in non-uber-famous people communities, such as colleges or Brooklyn, Clout Chasers are actually frequent characters. In high school, I thought clout could be pertained in many ways. For example, some (many) obtained “clout” by taking 3 Triple C’s before 9AM. What’s Triple C? I still don’t really know! But, 15 year olds should definitely not be taking it before Spanish class. For clarification, I definitely do not think clout can be pertained in this way!

I think there are two types of CC’s, those that do actually seek fame for themselves, and those that are happy to be near it. But, they function in the exact same way. Clout is attention, but on a normal-person level, it looks like moving through friend groups, it’s about who gains the most… admiration? “Friends”? In hopes that the 500~ people around them will…. think they’re hot? Even though these people know the majority of people around them???What’s going on there! Normally, I wouldn’t give any notice to what others are doing with their lives because quite frankly, to quote Cabaret, I don’t care much! But, where I take issue with it, are all the people clout chasers are stepping on and using along the way. Because, clout chasers are not in it for the friendships- they are in it for how the people they have befriended will make them look to other CC’s. There seems to be zero regard for the feelings of others. And again, for what? A repost? A party invite? Or do all of these people actually want to be… famous???

Anyone who has fallen victim to a CC friendship knows it’s similar to an orientation week friend: for a week, you’re best friends, texting non-stop, almost immediately having inside jokes. Then, the second that connection is made, it ends as quickly as it began. Because the goal has been accomplished; they can now comment on your posts, ask a favor of you, which to them is cool, I guess. They straight up say thank u, next but like… bestie edition.

At the end of the day, the gain is on the end of the CC, as they have gotten the attention and validation they sought out in the first place. But, where does it end? What if they succeed, and meet everyone they could possibly meet? What are they to do then?

Ok. Back to not thinking about this anymore and hopefully never again<3

Also, stop letting rich kids get more rich! Spread the wealth! Literally! 

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