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how to be a man by me, a woman: sex

This is Part 2 of My Series: How to Be a Man, By Me, A Woman

I want you to know that I don’t judge you for watching porn. What is Gen Z adolescence without having the internet at your convenience? But, I ask that you understand the consequences of your horniness, and consider living by these three new mottos:

  1. Porn is not my manual.
  2. I am not really great in bed, no matter what literally any woman has told me ever, it’s not true, I am not good in bed.
  3. What goes around (head) comes back around (head for her, too).


Porn is a way for you to see your wildest, or not (no judgement!), fantasies in action. But, that doesn’t mean it should act as your guide, your handbook to fucking. Unless you have explicit consent, like really, really specific detailed consent, your chance of recreating those fantasies are slim to none. Although feminist porn exists, I’m going to assume that you don’t opt for it often, probably because it’s nearly impossible to find on the “main” porn sites. 

As a female, watching hetero porn can be difficult to near impossible, mostly because of the clear obsession with violence against women throughout each and every video. No check-ins, in fact, the more pain the girl seems to be in, the better. 

What is this obsession men have with seeing women in distress? To see women stripped down, vulnerable, terrified? 

Porn, whether or not you want it to, instills an attraction to violence in the mind of those getting off on it. And most of the time, it’s the mind of the young, puberty-struck boys who are just happy to be seeing titties at all. And as these toxic straight men grow, they continue their porn rotiune, however frequent it may be (and for some it’s…. Frequent. Again, no judgement!). And, even if they don’t like the violence, they still put up with it, because they need to get their dicks hard, etc. Routine gets instilled in us. What turns us on gets instilled in us. What happens when violent porn (so porn) is the main component in those two major mental states?


Why do I demand you not be cocky about your abilities in bed? I don’t know you, how would I know that? Well, it’s because almost all men, even if they don’t say it out loud, think they are good in bed because they finish. 

But, what makes a man good in bed is not his ability to cum, but his ability to make his partner do the same. And, if you have made women cum, I promise you from the bottom of my heart, only half of the time did it actually happen.

The key to sex, yes, I know the true key !!! – is paying attention to your fucking partner!!!! That’s it!!! That is literally all that matters. If you simply listen, and try to appease whatever your partners needs or desires or fetishes (as long as everyone’s comfortable), THAT is what makes you good in bed. 

When you convince yourself that you are the ~~best~~ because you had a month where for some reason you got a lot of action, it actually makes you worse. You’re convincing yourself that you have the key, which you do not. Only your partner has the key, because only they can guide you there. Communication, bitches. It goes a long way.


I feel like I don’t need to explain this, but I would like to take a moment of silence for every woman who has a 9 dick to 1 receiving head ratio. It’s more common than you think- some women’s ratios are worse. It’s so scary out there, and men attracted to women, you can change this ratio. You, yes You, can make a difference. It takes just 1 head to bump a woman’s ratio up. Make a change.

This holiday season, make a woman cum.

xoxo rubes

Part 3: Thoughts and Feelings (How and When to Speak) Coming Soon

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