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how to be a man, by me, a woman: rejection

This is Part 1 of My Series: How to Be a Man, By Me, A Woman

Select few men know how to hear this word, then internalize it: rejection. What do you do after a woman rejects you? Do you:

  1. Politely leave and don’t ask again.
  2. Ask if she’s sure.
  3. Call her a bitch.

Now, I know your impulse may be B or C. Most people, on the inside, can relate to rejecting rejection. But, the difference between some men and everyone else, is that the rest of us know what to keep to ourselves. Why doesn’t everyone want to hear everything I’m thinking though? Great question! Because, even though your mother made you feel otherwise, nobody cares what you think, especially the opinions you deem “hot takes” (hint: you are using the term “hot take” to say something really weird and deeply rooted in misogyny).

I’m going to say something scary: even though a girl is hot, she is actually totally allowed to never, ever date/fuck/marry you. But, how could someone reject me? This is another very relatable question you ask! The answer is: because they can.

What if, and this one is really intense, a girl is hot… and funny? What then? How does that happen? Or work? Even though random articles by incels may make you think otherwise, it’s actually entirely possible for this to happen. In this situation, you can refer to the paragraph above, and allow your ego to feel hurt. It probably needs it.

Such ego can be seen around society- intense fraternity hazing that borders between homoerotic and masacistic, our literal government, the fact that most rich guys are active pedophiles (see: government). Men publicly and proudly say and do these things- such as throwing their pledges in the Charles River- because they have been so deeply rejected otherwise, they feel as though doing this is a justification of their manliness. 

But also, because they can.

Although women “just can” reject men, there comes the aspect of rejection out of a woman’s control: a man’s reaction. Will he let his anger and confusion over his ego dictate the rest of his life? Or will he wisely reflect on his injustices- and grow from them? Men have a hall-pass, especially rich men, on how many fuck-ups they are allowed before there are repercussions. Their number? Infinity<3

You may notice the tone of this article- it feels a bit… condescending? Almost as if I’m acting like I know more than you, on a subject I know no more about than you. Now, imagine all men talking to you like this …. In almost every classroom, workplace, and social setting?

Would you go insane and try to pursue comedy, too?

xoxo rubes

Part 2: Sex Coming Soon

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