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why i need men:( to stop making period pieces

There is a difference between a man and a man :(. A man is fine, can have Temporary Rights. In entertainment, a man makes content that is non-threatening and knows what stories are/aren’t for them to tell and write (Anything Michael Cera, Star Wars, Curb Your Enthusiasm). 

But, a man : ( is different. A man : (, particularly a man : ( who has chosen the path of film, will likely (and not always) make three types of films: 

1. An art piece with a poem that has nothing to do with the visuals of nature (it’s in B&W). 

2. Perfect girl fixes boy who can’t do anything for himself. Takes place in high school, ofc.

3. They recreate Rick & Morty.

But, a select few Men : ( chose another path:

The period piece.

Personally, I think men : ( like writing period pieces because they think women are easiest to write this way. Their problems are obvious, and all the men cheat on their wives and the man : ( directors/writers/producers get to project for a few months. Take, and film bros brace yourselves, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, for example. Margot Robbie was in your cast and although she was amazing in the scenes she was in…. That was all she got? Personally, if I found out Margot Robbie was in my film, I would… give her more than just dancing or smiling and being nice? Despite the feet in the scene (which, we all know why they were there), the only scene I felt something above surface level in the writing of the character was when Sharon Tate watched herself on screen. It was an intimate, very sweet portrayal, showing a vulnerable but exciting moment for her character.

 When men : ( write period pieces, this is often the arc- women who are otherwise simple, having little “feminst” (???) victories, and carrying on. While the men get to fight, kill, work, be the worst cause it’s ~~~the past~~~, and we all love it cause it’s ~realistic~ and ~cinema~. Who directed Harriet? A woman<3 Who directed Little Women? A woman<3 Who directed Emma? A woman<3 Although these films were centered around women, even the supporting female characters have complexities, and multiple scenes that showcase their layers. I’m not saying we need all female period pieces (though I wouldn’t complain), but men : ( need to stop using time period as an excuse to break all film morals. Stop giving these rich people money and time to make projects centered around old white guys. Nobody cares!!! (Except, the films bros, of course).

xoxo rubes

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